We must go back to the fourteenth century to find the first information about the Antico Podere of Gremigneto. Documents from 1540 already talk about the farm and the olive trees cultivation, that lasted through the centuries; even today you can admire centennial olive trees that still donate their precious fruit. At the beginning of the twentieth century were the orphan girls from Florence institutions who used to come to harvest the olives destined to the mills in the area.

The farm has gone under different owners without ever losing its identity and the oil has maintained its quality and the characteristics that have marked it through the centuries until today.

Owned since 1987 by Luigi Perini, who carried ahead those quality traditions in harmony with surrounding nature, enriching it with its own mill with a mill-stone from nineteenth century and modern centrifuges to maintain all the quality of the oil.


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Antico Podere Gremigneto is produced according to ancient tradition and natural methods that already guarantee its genuinity.

This natural quality is confirmed by the continuous monitoring of certified bodies and the PGI - Protected Geographical Origin mark, with which the European Community certified that all stages of production (harvesting, pressing, bottling, etc.) have taken place within the geographical area and that each production has been duly subjected to chemical analysis and organoleptic tests required.

Several analyzes throughout the year guarantee and certify our oil as Organic, according to the European and United States USDA standards and, whose international symbols are printed on the label.

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